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Programs at a Glance

At Product Evaluations, all of our foodservice research programs are custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Call us today to learn how we can bring your customers' perspectives in to provide answers to your business issue.

Foodservice Marketing Programs





Innovation Toolkit

Preferred Product Development™
In-Unit Product Testing
Concept Development & Refinement
Concept Benchmarking
Concept Screening / QuickSort™
VolCalc1 Concept Sales Forecasting
VolCalc2 Product Sales Forecasting
Price Optimization / Elasticity
Launch MetriX™ New Product Launch

Category Management

Deep Dive Category Assessment
Market Sizing
White Space Identification
Market Trends and Customer Needs
Competitive SWOT Assessment
Controlled Market Testing
Controlled Cutting

Brand Management

Awareness, Attitude & Usage
Performance Optimizer
Brand Equity / Power Indexing
Brand Positioning
Portfolio Optimization
Competitor SWOT
Marketing Effectiveness
Perceptual Mapping

Customer Strategies

MOSAIC™ - Segmentation
Custom Segmentation
Custom Satisfaction Tracking
Customer Needs Assessment
Advertising Effectiveness
Market Trends
Target Market Programs
Target Customer Profile


Full staff of professional qualitative facilitators
  • Bulletin boards
  • One-to-one insights
  • Focus groups
  • Dyad / triads
  • In operation facilitated research
  • Online bulletin boards & focus groups
  • Virtual in-depth interviews
Quantitative history:
  • Online through FoodForum program since 1991
  • In-house call center
  • Operator, patron/consumer expertise
  • Taste testing (central location tests)
  • In-unit testing
  • Controlled roll-outs
  • Tracking studies

Commercial Test Kitchen

Nobody knows foodservice market research better than Product Evaluations.

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