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Foodservice Segmentation Research

True segmentation research requires expert skill and knowledge. Product Evaluations is uniquely equipped with the experience and professionals to support your organization whether you are creating your own customized segmentation or are interested in learning what MOSAIC™ can offer you.

Foodservice Segmentation Research Graph

Giving you direct insight into operator business philosophies and attitudes that drive purchase decisions.

MOSAIC is a ground-breaking research study designed to depict the foodservice marketplace in a more meaningful way than standard classification methods.

Foodservice Operators

A Different Approach

MOSAIC applies sophisticated cluster analysis to consolidate “like motivated” operators into meaningful and identifiable opportunities for business growth.

Co-created with segmentation expert Dennis Degeneffe, this new segmentation model is the result of a multi-year initiative among industry leaders, identifying philosophies that translate into meaningful distinctions among operators.

Why a different approach?

Traditional operator segmentation models are based on bricks and mortar, rather than the people making decisions about the operation.

Mosaic Dimensions Chart

Attitudinal Dimensions
and Operational Characteristics

MOSAIC details attitude dimensions in a wide range of areas. To make the results useful on the street, cluster profiles are assembled using operational characteristics and certain behaviors.


Statistical analysis resulted in 7 unique
and highly actionable operator types

Because each operator type has unique attitudes and philosophy for their business, understanding these target market “clusters” is key to more successful product strategies.

Foodservice Marketing

Re-energize sales
and marketing efforts

MOSAIC enables your sales force to sell the right products to the right people with the right message. Organize sales and marketing efforts around meaningful pools of opportunity and focus innovation initiatives on attitude-based operator groups.


  • Sizing up customers and using targeted approaches
  • Calling on specific customers with pre-planned tools (needs based)
  • Database development/CRM initiatives
  • Leading meaningful strategy discussions with distributor partners
  • Brand positioning
  • Portfolio management
  • Communication strategy and media approaches
  • Insights (category, new products)
Innovation & Corporate Strategy
  • Targeted ideation
  • Attitudinally based new product development
  • White space identification
  • Sales/marketing organization (structure, support/staff)

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