The ultimate taste testing insights with foodservice prep and technology-driven efficiency.

Central Location Taste Testing (CLT) deliver important results in real time. A CLT performed in FoodView 360° utilizes wifi connected tablets for fast and accurate data collection. Our high efficiency designs, data collection capabilities and food preparation capabilities mean accurate and high-speed turn-around for your initiatives. Track your results as they happen, make decisions on the fly!

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Taste Testing at a glance
What is it:
A central location Taste Test is a quantitative research design intended to render statistically valid product performance ratings.
How it works:
Research designs (paired comparison, sequential monadic, round robin) are selected based on number of products to be assessed and test objectives:
  • Product preference (current vs. reformulation, brand A vs. brand B)
  • Product acceptance (product is as good as alternate product)
  • Product performance on key attributes (diagnostic ratings of flavor/texture/appearance)
  • Product/concept fulfillment (product delivers on promise of concept/positioning)
Products are prepared as they would be in a foodservice venue, utilizing commercial grade equipment and trained culinary staff.
Who it involves:
Typically, CLTs are consumer driven tests, with between 50 and 100 respondents per location (dependent on objectives and product variables). Consumers are selected to represent the target audience:
  • Frequent specific eating establishment types or restaurant brands
  • Like and order specific menu items when dining out
  • Represent target age and gender groups
  • Other screening criteria are added as needed for the project
What you'll learn:
Standard deliverables include PowerPoint report and data tables:
  • Product preference/ratings vs. comparison products
  • Product diagnostic ratings (flavor/texture/appearance) scores for reformulation direction
  • Penalty analysis (statistics identifying product deficits that negatively affect purchase intent)
Want more insights?
  • Pull-out focus groups/interviews are available. Simply select a sub-set of individuals based on their test responses to participate in sessions to discuss their POV on your products.
  • You can add texture and depth to respondent ratings through probing and qualitative discussion: "You commented that the appearance of the product was under-cooked, tell me more about that."