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What makes Product Evaluations the choice for premier foodservice marketing companies? We put over 45 years of in-depth industry experience to work on every project. And our FoodView 360° foodservice marketing research service portfolio offers every avenue to find the real world insights you need in today's highly competitive marketplace.

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Foodservice Marketing Research Services

Focus Groups
  • Traditional groups and triads
  • Video recorded, streamed and fully produced
  • Operators/consumers
  • In focus room setting/commercial kitchen setting
Focus Groups are a valuable research technique for in-depth exploration into key interest areas. Product Evaluations uses its expansive database to recruit operators or consumers within proximity of any city in the US.

Focus groups serve a wide variety of purposes, including (but not limited to):
  • Reviewing and refining new product concepts
  • Sampling and reacting to product prototypes
  • Discussing key operational issues and pain points
  • Detailing strengths and weaknesses of specific brands
  • Reacting to manufacturer advertising and messaging
The FoodView 360° Experience
  • In-kitchen task scenarios
  • Online computer navigation
  • Exposure and reaction to new products, messages, ideas
Experience how operators do their work in a real world setting and how your products/solutions fit in their world. Gain actionable insights on how your offerings can be tailored to fit in the back of house. Videography
Demonstration Q&A
  • Chef-led presentations
  • Sales stories
  • Product presentation/comparison
See how operators react to your selling stories and presentations. Learn ways that your message can be even more compelling. Foodservice demonstration platform/Videography
Controlled Cuttings
  • In-depth comparison of competing products/portfolios
  • Evaluate product performance under real-world conditions
  • Identify quality tiers and drivers
Pinpoint which product attributes are most compelling to operators. See how your product solutions compare in the marketplace when trying to win an operator's business. Photo journal/video summary comparisons
  • A broad spectrum of techniques and stimulus applications tailored to the project goals
Learn how to speed up the innovation process. Experience how much more creative you can be when joined with customers, business partners and industry experts in the right environment. Online panels/ real-time survey inputs/ consumer or operator focus groups/video streaming/chat programs
One to one interviews
  • Individual interactions and insights
What do operators truly think about? This format allows you the intimacy to gain individual insights in a relaxed setting. Streamed, recorded video/group question platforms/green screen setting
Central Location Taste Tests
  • Operator (qualitative)
  • Consumer (qualitative or quantitative)
How do your products fare when presented and evaluated? What attributes drive liking and preference? Can your product compete in the marketplace? Commercial kitchen food preparation/Real-time survey results/Pull-out focus groups
FoodView Shorts
  • Mini focus group sessions for narrowly defined subjects (operators)
FoodView Shorts makes qualitative operator feedback an affordable part of the manufacturer's day to day decision making. The FoodView 360° Experience
Bulletin Boards
Blog-style focus groups with operators or consumers:
  • Highly convenient for time-strapped operators who can log on anytime during the day or night
  • Enables recruiting hard-to-reach audiences that are geographically dispersed
  • Offers anonymity for open discussion, including sensitive topics
A Bulletin Board is an online research technique that is used for various qualitative learning objectives, such as:
  • Refine/improve new product concepts
  • Understand drivers and barriers toward using products
  • Uncover strengths and weaknesses of specific brands or propositions
  • Capture operator language used to describe products/brands/etc.
Bulletin Boards are a semi-open forum, where participants cannot view others' responses until they have posted their own answers, allowing for unbiased initial responses, but opening into group commentary as the process unfolds.
Online software platform and response capture tools