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The foodservice industry's finest research team. FoodView 360° is a one-of-a-kind research center designed from the ground up to bring unparalleled insights to those serving the foodservice industry. It offers endless degrees of customization to meet your research and insights objectives.

FoodView 360° offers:
  • Unique vantage points
  • Realistic research environments
  • Versatile specialty spaces
  • Respondent proximity
  • Video capture approaches

This infrastructure is operated by the best research team in the business. They are the engine that delivers an unparalleled experience, by creating carefully crafted, innovative research techniques that use some or all of the resources FoodView 360° has to offer.

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Meet the FoodView 360° Research Team
Rich Tucker
President and Visionary of FoodView 360°
Rich has 30 years of foodservice research and marketing experience. He knows what you need to accomplish, and takes it as a personal challenge to make it happen.
"What I love about FoodView 360° is that its uses are only limited by your creativity and the constructs of good research. My favorite aspect is the hands-on "bricks and mortar" of it ...very different from the survey data side of insights."
Sara Walsh
Vice President of Research & Insights
Sara is an experienced research strategist, specializing in foodservice for almost 20 years. She has interviewed hundreds of operators and visited scores of commercial kitchens, developing a deep understanding of day-to-day challenges.
"Finally, FoodView 360° gives our clients the chance to see what I have seen for so many years operators doing what they do every day and talking honestly about every aspect of their business."
Kym Schoenfeld
Director, Insights & Visualization
Kym brings over 15 years of market research experience to the FoodView 360° team, both as a research manager and as a trained moderator. Kym designs effective qualitative research plans that dig deeply below the surface to help clients achieve their goals.
"It's fascinating to watch FoodView 360° come to life; whether it's viewing live operator interaction in the kitchen or streaming the research nationwide via our unparalleled video productions. It's exciting to see our clients make actionable decisions."
Andrea Bilotti
Senior Qualitative Specialist
A senior member of the qualitative team, Andrea has over 20 years' experience in foodservice marketing (Coca Cola) and research (Technomic/Product Evaluations). She is an accomplished facilitator with experience leading operators, consumers and sales team sessions.
"Foodview 360° is a big idea and product playground! I love the versatility of being able to work with chefs in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen as they put a test product through its paces, and then jump next door to the focus room to ideate about it while ideas are fresh."