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What is FoodForum?
FoodForum is an exclusive community of foodservice professionals who use their expertise to complete online surveys. There are thousands who participate from every segment of foodservice.
Why join the FoodForum community?
Join a community of foodservice professionals who use their opinions to shape the products offered in the industry. With each completed survey you receive points redeemable for rewards in our catalog. All the while you can learn about new product ideas and trends before they take place.
How do you Earn Rewards for your Opinions?
With each completed survey you accumulate points, redeemable for rewards of your choice. Rewards categories include gift cards, electronics, housewares, foodservice items or you can donate your points to charity. Check out our rewards room. RewardsLanding.asp
You can help shape the foodservice industry?
FoodForum opinions shape and mold foodservice products offered to the industry.
What does it cost to join?
This is an easy, zilch, nada, , rien, không có gì, nichts, nichego, niente. No matter how we say it, the cost to you is zero.
Learn about new product ideas?
Become an "industry insider" by completing surveys and learning about new product ideas and trends before they hit the market.
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"I have even seen some of the products/ideas I've evaluated come to fruition.... I really feel like my opinion matters..."


"FoodForum is changing the food industry one survey time! Great surveys with great payouts!"


"I enjoy participating...not only does this help the businesses who are having me evaluate their products, it also is a way to interact with other foodservice professionals."

FoodForum is a restricted membership program managed by Product Evaluations, Inc. Membership is free, but application for membership is based on employment in specific foodservice industries and will be reviewed and approved by PEI.