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FoodForum has thousands of foodservice professionals from every segment of foodservice who share their opinions and insights. FoodForum members are decision makers in their operation.
Your opinions will help shape the products offered in the industry. You’ll can also earn rewards and learn about new product ideas and trends before they take place.
With each completed survey you accumulate points, redeemable for rewards of your choice. Reward categories include Amazon gift cards and a variety of other selections, or you can donate your points to charity.
There is no cost to join and we will even “gift” your account with points just for signing up.

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“I have even seen some of the products/ideas I’ve evaluated come to fruition…. I really feel like my opinion matters…” – Rob

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“I enjoy participating…not only does this help the businesses who are having me evaluate their products, it also is a way to interact with other foodservice professionals.” – Brad